Nice to meet you,my name is frauk frauk(@frauk0207).
I will start blogging in English today!
I will talk about why I thought about starting a blog on the next occasion.
First of all, I introduce myself.




Birth ~ elementary school student

I was born in 1984.
My blood type is B type. Blood type is one of the topics in Japan.
My parents gave me a favorite lesson for me, and I had a very satisfying childhood.
I was going to calligraphy(Japanese SYUJI) and swimming since elementary school second grade.
From fifth grader I started to like English at ECC.
ECC is one of the english school. 
Up to the fifth grade of elementary school, I grew up as the eldest daughter of three brothers, but my sister was born when I was 11 years old.
It is toy state perfectly if you go around too. . .
Since I was student in elementary school, I'd like to join to event.
ex. ski training camps.
Other children joined with their friends so I guess I was probably strange.

Junior high school student ~ high school student

I was learning English and mathematics at ECC as a junior high school student.
My teacher 's pronunciation was cool!
I am sorry but I was disappointed with the pronunciation of the junior high school teacher. . .
I went for a homestay in Canada for the first time when I was in junior high school grader 3!
I think it  was sponsored by ECC.
It was fun! Foreign country seems to shine so glittering, it is very impressive!
I entered the soft tennis club from junior high school, and  when I became a high school student, the club started very hard from early morning to evening and I canceled ECC.
From 7:30 in the morning until the first hour starts, in the evening when the ball becomes invisible, turn on the light. . .
I think that I did it well when I think now.

University student

I wanted to learn English in University, but I couldn't enter English course due to my lack of effort.
After all, I entered " German course department " in Kyoto University of Foreign Studies .
I was truly appreciative of being living alone when I was in college.
Parents felt volunteer spirit towards their children, thankfulness of parents.


I thought about quitting my job because I was not enjoyable at all when I got a job.
So I saved money and went to Frankfurt in Germany on working holiday.
It was really fun!
I went to a language school and worked part-time at IIMORI pâtisserie (Iimori Patisserie) which Japanese people operate.
What a fulfilling day.
Well I think I should have visited more if I think now ...


Marriage ~ Single Mother

After returning to Japan, I married, I gave birth to a child .
But I am divorced immediately.It was really quick.
Becoming a single mother, I wanted to go to Germany again.
The company which I am working is not bad company. I have holidays and I can take paid leave.
I am quitting jobs from a stable situation now working as a regular employee and leaving the job ... go to Germany ... It's rather
ridiculous and it is a lie if I say that there is no anxiety.
I think stressing a child.
But I want to challenge myself again and stand on my feet!
I want a real feeling of being alive!
Life is only once.
Let's live happily doing something you like!
Even if there is difficulty it can be overcome!

Work in Germany

As a freelancer, I will take orders for the following jobs.

Or I would like to find a job in a company located in Germany.

see you.